Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara – The excitement and tension is conspicuous. The soft pounding of hooves becomes a thunderous roar. More fearful than a cavalry charge, louder than a cataract. Then they’re upon you. It’s an explosion full of energy, noise and color. This is the only phenomenon that can be identifiably described with two words- “The Migration”(Link to blogpost about the migration).

Whether you consider yourself an intrepid traveler or a resident, Wanderlustafrica would like to introduce to you “The Maasai Mara”, a destination that will suit your urge to uncover the unvisited, the untouched and untamed.

The Mara is a wilderness; framed by unbounded horizons, rich in vast skies and peopled by nomads that feel-and share the wildernes’ intensity. Talk to Chardwik (link to profile), our expert on The Maasai Mara and he’ll reveal a ________ like no other.  Where tourism has not penetrated, where herd boys as a young as five herd cattle across 40 km of the harsh and unforgiving wilderness.

As  Chardwik (link to profile),  explains, the Mara is typified of two factors. Firstly the nomadic people that are overly welcoming to strangers yet strictly mindful of the hospitality traditions in a land where human life is a valued scarcity to an extent of not locking their Manyatta’s(link to blog post about Manyattas) whilst they’re away, in case a passerby needs sustenance or maybe, rest.

Secondly – “The Migration”. This massive movement of wildebeest and zebra and accompanying ungulates and predators from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the sweet red-oat grasslands of Kenya’s Mara plains between June and August is wildlife drama writ large.
It is also a noisy, overcrowded and often unedifying gathering of the human species at its worst. Large numbers of vehicles surrounding small groups of stressed, anxious lions and cheetahs; of 70 or 80 Kombis lining the Mara River, their overexcited occupants yelling at the animals as they cross. Wanderlust makes no mistake,we put you right in the middle of the “action”

Experience the modern-day travellers’ ultimate adventure. Journey into the unknown. Travel to The Mara; the welcoming vastness of a world apart.